RBSC Extreme - day 2

Day 2 started early... Rigging a cat in the dark with flashlights isn't easy but, ... great when you're sailing with a sunset!

At about 8 am we arrived at the first lock, just before the wind fell... When we came out of the lock, the wind hadn't picked up so we had a paddle start...

After a paddle race of 4 miles the fleet finished and we waited until the wind would pick up... and at about 11 am it did!
We continued sailing on inlakes and creeks... Technically quite challenging and very beautiful! (Holland is known for its waterways).

After another lock we arrived at the campsite about 5 pm. After a short break we still did some racing in the surroundings and finished at 6.30 pm.

Again food and drinks were served and I want to thank the organizing club for an excellent job!

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