Nice summer weather in September!

They predict some nice weather for this weekend. And, fantastic news, this weekend we will be sailing the club championship in Heist. Be there! You can come to support us or to sail ofcourse! Inscriptions trough
Will Bart Tytgat become - for the 3rd year in a row - the club champion? Who will tell. We certainly have the intention to become next years heroes ;-)

Club championship

Somewhere a message is gone missing. So hereby a repost.

At the moment we do not have a boat, but still we are present at the club. Last Saturday we went to support the other club teams for the club championship. I went with the start boat and Gill would sail along with a Hobycat Tiger. But... the wind let us down. Only 1 or 2 bft, and this was not enough to let the race go on. A pity!

WK Blade F16

My last post for today (I warned you guys, silence before the storm, hehe). We are registered for the World championship WK F16 catamaran next year in Zandvoort (Holland)! Very exciting! Normally the Worlds were planned to happen in Singapore but - fortunately for us participatin Europeans - they have changed it to Zandvoort.

In the week of the 15th August we will defend the Belgian title!
Wish us good luck :-)

Club championship 2

But good news :-)
The club championship has been postponed and we will be able to go sailing too.
Thanks to Michael, a member of our club, we will be sailing his FX One. That will be a nice experience, a new boat and a different brand. This Saturday we will be testing a Hobycat instead of a Nacra. I am very curious...
More news next week!

New boat!

The new boat has been orderd! Yoohoe!
Blade F16 here we come! The hulls will arrive from the States, so it will take a while before we have the boat with us. Probably somewhere mid November.
And we are convinced to go sailing immediately. Warm winter sailing clothes here we come :-)

Silence before the storm

It's been a while since I wrote somethin here. But that's because it were really busy times for our sailing events.

Our boat is sold! Good news! But also with a bit of regret we say goodbye to the Nacra 5.0. The buyer looked nice so we are sure the Nacra will be on the water for a few more years to come... Since he lives shortby, maybe we will see him again on the water!

Our new main sail is still for sale and in perfect shape. So anyone interessed, give us a call...

The race season is finished for this year. Of to next year!!