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Gill working on the boat...


Time to offer you some good photo shots from our new and beautiful catamaran. First pictures are from the delivery on the beach and the putting together by Gill, his father and myself. Afterwards the first pictures from on the water. Many will follow... How beautiful! :-)

6th on the club challenge!

Our first challenge with the new catamaran and very happy with the results!

It takes some getting used to, but the cat is sailing very well.

Saturday April, 14 - Paascup (easter challenge)
This is the first cat club challenge catamaran organised by our club VVW Heist (VVW Heist).

Results Paascup 07 (4 races - excluding worst score)

1/ Joski Yves-Claeys Luc
2/ De Mesmaecker Patrick-Thierry Vincent
3/ Bonny Koen-Leber Michael
4/ Meert Erik-Bindels Damien
5/ Van Damme Piet-Van Damme Riener
6/ De Bruyne Gill-Vandenbulcke Kathleen
7/ Saelens Rudi-Gevaert Kris
8/ Van Helleputte Guido-Melis Philippe
9/ Fontaine Patrick-Driesen Erik
10/ De Mulder Bart-Hellebaut Gert
11/ De Pauw Ivan-Maertens Luc
12/ De Kegel Andre-Piedfort Didier
13/ Proot Mr. Manu-Crets Bruno
14/ Melis Maxime-Van Helleputte Emile
15/ Leysen Marc-Leysen Sebastiaan
16/ Claeys Valerie-Tas Gilles