This is how the surf can look at Zandvoort, where the World Champions are. Nice! :-)

So this is what it is all about...

Hereby a picture of the F16 trophy which the class is going to use during the World Championship.

As you see on the picture, it is almost ready, it needs to be cleaned and the little plaque needs to be put on.

So this is what it is all about, being the best F16 sailor in the world :-D

Zwin Race 2007

Zwin race 2007 was a fun race and our second race on the Blade. We enjoyed it very much, went very fast and are happy with our result (finished 20th and as the first boat of our club). It was fun finally being able to sail together with the other F18's. This is how a race should be.

Link to the results here: Zwin Race Results

The Zwin race is a long distance race before the Belgian Coast. First part is to race 3 laps (upwind mark, spreader mark, gate) and after that we set of (with the kite up) along the coast, direction The Netherlands. We finish in front of Het Zwin and barbeque on the beach. Second part is starting in front of the Zwin and back to Duinbergen. Very nice race indeed!

Raid West

This weekend we are participating in the Raid West. This is a cat raid from Knokke-Heist to Oostduinkerke in one day, Saturday. The next day, Sunday, we are sailing back to Knokke. Saturday night we are sleeping on the beach and enjoying a barbeque and some beers (not for everyone)...

The weather looks promising, sunny and a little windy, ideal! Next week I'll give you an update on how we did.

Let's hope this time we will make it there and back in one piece :-)
Last year our mast broke down just before we arrived in De Panne. I went over board and had to climb back and hold the mast so it would not get stuck in the sand on the bottom of the sea. Finally a zodiac came to our rescue and dragged us and the boat to the beach. The next day the ride back to Heist was on a trailer behind our car. The year before we also couldn't return back by boat because our rudder broke off while getting trough the point break in Oostduinkerke.

This is the club where we are going to enjoy the company, barbeque, drinks and breakfast!