September and October activities

So what have we been up too in September and October? It’s been very quiet here, luckily because we have spent a lot of time on the water. Those last 2 months also mark the last months of our season, so we had to sail. Winter’s here now, so time for a little write up. After that: 4 months of thinking about sailing, looking at video’s of sailing, dreaming of sailing,… in between doing some other winter stuff: mountainbiking, climbing, cooking, reading and renovating our house a bit more.

Gill started September of by participating in the RBSC extreme. His report is already on here. All I did that weekend was sailing our Falcon alone with Gill’s dad as my crew and getting tangled in a kite surfer just as we went trough the surf… ouch. No damage, but a lot of shouting and swearing! Sorry! After that I had a nice upwind sail and I was looking forward to head back with the kite up. If it weren’t for Gill’s dad who hadn’t rigged the kite correctly… hehe. It was a nice day out nevertheless!

On Sunday I went sailing with Wim Deca on his Nacra Infusion. We sailed towards the Dutch border to catch up with the guys from the Extreme but we didn’t see them. How should we have known that they were already on the other side of the coast watching the new wind mills from the Thorton bank. We managed to catch up with Gill and Manu tough just as we were both getting back in. Cool!

On my birthday, beginning of October, we decided to participate in the RBSC club championship. Best birthday ever! Not! There was sooooo little wind, very boring, and so not our kind of weather. Humph. We didn’t sail well that day and weren’t happy with each other on the water. Luckily RBSC knows how to throw in a good party and so that day did end very well with yummy food, cava, friends and music! The next day we were supposed to go out for a cruise to Cadzand to have lunch over there. But it was hauling! I think we hit almost 7 BFT. Wind was inland so flat water, but way too gusty to get there safely. So we hung out on the beach at VVW Heist instead.

In October we sailed a lot, we had such good weather the first 2 weeks, with a lot of sun, temperatures near 20°C and good wind. We went to Cadzand for a sail + lunch date, we had some training in front of our coast to practice our tacks and gybes and we finetuned the boat some more, getting ready for the last race of our season… in Germany! We were invited by Marck Kühn to sail the Brombachsee regatta on the 23rd and 24th of October, so we decided to take a long weekend and enjoy some German sailing. Report of a great weekend will follow shortly.