Next race - Diamond Cup

The next race we will participate in, is the Diamond Cup at RBSC Duinbergen.

This will be a 2 days sailing contest, on the 19th and 20th August and the opportunity to win a little diamond! I am really looking forward to this. Only condition to participate is it has to be a mixed crew. Ideal for us, since we are always sailing mixed. So, this race will be a good one, I feel it! :-)

Another Blade F16

Blade F16

Cool boat!

This is a Blade F16, called Agent Orange! This is the type of boat we will be sailing as of next year, unfortunately not in orange! ;-)

On the water

Fun fun fun! On the wire, nothing beats this!

VVW Heist

In the background a picture of our sailing base, sailing club VVW Heist.

Some pictures of our current boat, the Nacra 5.0

What a beautiful picture! That's something we are proud of :-)
And it will hurt when our boat will be sold. We will miss you Clipper! ;-)

Zwin Race 2006

I love this weather! Beautiful blue sky, burning sun and a calm sea. What can we wish more? Wind? Indeed, the wind was not really blowing hard in the beginning of the race. Fortunately after lunch (barbeque at "het Zwin") the wind was back in full force. Conclusion: nice race, exciting and some nice kite legs.

The price giving and the reception afterwards were as much fun as the race. We ended 13th, this can be better. But still with this weak wind and the strong competition of the F18 boats, we were certainely happy with this result!

Of to the next race!