The last day of the race...

Again we got up early -> 8 pm sharp start!

Today we had to get back to the open waters (we were at the "Veerse meer" at the moment). We started to race towards the channel that connected the inshore waters with "de Schelde".
It was blowing force 4 and the racing was very intense. The channels we went through were sometimes only a couple of 100 meters wide, so we had to come of the wire, tack, and go out again quite often!

Once we reached the channel, we had to take the main down and go through it with the jib only. A pity we couldn't race in these extremely flat waters, but if you consider the traffic, it was a logic decision.

By noon we reached "de Schelde". Here we started to sail with the spin and we didn't take it down until the finish on the beach of Duinbergen at 5.15 pm!

These seals we didn't see, too busy with the spin I guess...

Thanks to the organizing club for a great event!

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