Was it extreme....? Day 1

Finally a report.... Yes I was tired and went sailing with the Blade last weekend so it took a while before I had the time to write something about my extreme experience.

On Friday we (Manu and I; Kathleen preferred not to do this extreme event) met at the beach around 8 am. We still had to prep the boat (Nacra F18) before sailing of to the beach club RBSC (15 min sail).
When preparing I mean adding 'extreme' items to the cat. This went from a rudder system to lock the rudders in case we had to paddle to top lights and a radar reflector for security.

Around 11 am we arrived at the beach for a thorough security check. After that we received a map with all possible way points they could send us to.

At about 2 pm the first (beach)start was given and very soon it became clear we were heading for Holland.

Checking the next way point....

At about 5 pm we finished at the beach of "De Roompot" about 30 nautical miles later (in force 4 to 5).

This is us!

The sun was out and the entire group of sailors (10 cats) decided to call it a day. We enjoyed the BBQ and went for a short rest.... The start on Saturday was planned around 6 am (but we still had to eat, rig the boat and break up the tent...).

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