How many meters of bungee go in a beach cat?

Today was our first sail out on the sea. How do you call those watery things? Waves? Damn. Forecasts for this weekend were different on every site. Some predicted force 3 other up to force 6. Well it turned out to be a force 4 rapidly going towards 5.

We had a very nice hour of sailing to get used to the rougher sea conditions again. Only one sparring partner out there, our Blade in one-up mode.

Back on the beach we decided not to go out again in the afternoon and did some fine tuning of the lines on board.
I must say the Falcon comes well equipped and had a clean tramp to start. But I thought it could be even more tidy :-)

We've been spending 2 hours tying bungees, undoing them, cutting them too small, re-doing them,... Finally all the bungees are there. Right length and right size as that is equally important!

I hope we'll be able to have another sail tomorrow to test it all out!

How many meters? I'm guessing 18...

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