First sail of the Falcon F16 in Europe!

This weekend we finally had our maiden trip with the Falcon. And it was awesome :-)

We sailed at Lac l'eau d'heure, a lake in the middle of Belgium. At this time of the year this location is great because even if there is a lot of wind you will have almost no waves and no chance of getting too wet in the still very cold weather!

Temperature was about 10°C and the sun even came out for a little while. We had almost 3 hours on the water and it was good to get to know the boat. It's very stable in the water, very easy to handle. I liked the spin tack release to pull the spi forward during the spreader run.

There was not that much wind (3 BFT?) but we had alot of power with the spi on.

Here are the first pictures!

All the pictures can be found on our
Facebook page

And they will be uploaded to our website also later on together with some video stuff!

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