Winter has entered Belgium. This week minimum temperatures around 4°C. Our boat is dismantled (mast is down) and everything is stored in our garage for the 6 long, cold winter months. It is always hard to get used to not sailing, not being at the beach, in the sun, on the water. To bad we cannot sail year round.

Nonetheless, we are still busy with everything sailing related. This weekend for example, there is an open door weekend at Boulogne Concenption Marine, the manufacturer of the Cirrus boats. So we are going to pay them a visit, on Saturday.

The program is:
meet new products Cirrus 2008, see how the catamarans are fabricated, animation (reparations composite, maintenance,...), show room with 2nd hand boats and exclusively the new Magic Marine equipment collection. This last thing could be nice, since I am looking to purchase new gloves and a new wetsuit.
Very interesting too is to see how the cats are constructed. Seems like a very nice thing to see from up close.

And to make it even better... on Saturday there will be a tombola! Yeah baby yeah.

Next post will be about our own "tactics guide to sailing on the North Sea in front of our club"...