Learning to helm

That's what I am trying to do :-)

"Normally" or generally expected the last years is that the crew does the main sheeting also. Since I am not used to that and since Gill, being male, has more power, we decided to try to switch roles. So Gill would be crew and I'd skipper.

Well, I think I would like it, but I stil have a lot to learn to be as good a skipper as Gill is right now. This weekend I had my first "full" try out. I beach started as a skipper and I came back to shore after 2 hours, still being the skipper. I practiced upwind, tacks, downwind with kite and gybes.

It all went well and I was thrilled to skipper with the kite up, it is one hell of a kick when you feel the hull going up and trying to stay there!!! Mind you, there was very little wind (2 or sometimes 3 bft, max. 10 knots) and we enjoyed a flat sea (for once) so I'll still have to see how it goes with rough seas and alot of wind...