KYC race and Belgian Nationals @ SYCOD

What a great month May has been to us so far! Great sailing and great results for us and the youths.

The month started in Carnac, France where a large group of Belgian youth teams from VVW/Protest and RBSC/McDonalds attended the racing including 2 teams on Falcons.
The weekend after we got some training in to prepare for 3 weekends of racing in a row.

Last weekend we sailed the KYC race in Koksijde.

Only one day of racing in Koksijde in windy conditions, dying towards the evening. We managed to rig our spinnaker wrong making us return to the beach and missing the first race. Luckily we got in 4 races so we could drop one!

As in Carnac also here a lot of youths showed up giving the adults a run for their money.
And in difficult conditions (big waves and dying wind) Philip&Gaetan managed to get into first position by the end of the day!

F18 team getting second!

C3 youth having a blast

BEL 111 heading for first place!
Our own performance was up and down making us finish mid fleet the first day. Upwind speed was good, but on the downwind our wavesurfing wasn't as good as the other teams. :-)
We would have loved to take some revenge the next day but all we got was sun (which wasn't too bad either :-) ).

As a lot of the C1 teams were the same ones competing next week for the Belgian nationals it was a good indication we needed to perform at our best to get higher up the rankings....
Photo credits: RBSC/McDonalds

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