October 2, my birthday!

My birthday weekend was unique, celebrating in sunshine, bikini and 27°C.

To start my weekend I had the day of work on Friday and we tuned our Falcon a bit, just relaxing on the beach, no wind to sail unfortunately.

Saturday there was a bit more wind and we went out in the late afternoon. I steered and managed to get some speed in the boat. It was cool to practice the manoeuvres with this little wind. We ended the day with some nice spaghetti made by Caroline at VVW Heist. And then off to party in Brugge.

On Sunday we organised a little apéro on the sandbank of Heist. One of the last times we could "enjoy" this sandbank since next year we will be moving to our new location, further along the coast, with hopefully no more sandbank in front of the club! Drinking cava in the middle of a sandbank with fellow sailors, how cool is that!

We took our Falcon so the others could use it as a landmark to now where we were located :-)

Once the tide came in we drifted back to the beach on our boat, very nice!

In the afternoon we relaxed some more on the beach and Sonja and me even went on a little "ride" with the Banana, very refreshing. Sour muscles the next day tough, haha. We ended the day with pizza and drinks at Maarten's caravan with Filip, Mathieu and Renke. Had a great weekend!

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