Spring is in the air...

The sun is finally shining again in Belgium! And that sure feels good. We are counting the days to go back on the water again. Next Saturday, March 6, our new Falcon F16 enters the Antwerp harbor and from there it will be transported to our house in Ostend. Let's hope the container transport goes well. And than we can finally touch our new beauty :-)

In lack of real sailing we are already planning carefully where we will attend and how much we will sail this spring/summer. Our first race will be in Belgium, on March 27 and 28. Like last year we will be attending the Season's Opening on Lac l'Eau d'Heure (inland water, so no waves and easy winds should make for a nice wake-up event). We hope to have some practice before the race, so we will be already there as from Friday, to give our new Falcon F16, his/her first run.

I am also really looking forward to the first big international event, Eurocat Carnac, which will only be 3 days this year (2 days of buoy races and 1 day long distance). We'll be there for one whole week to enjoy the beautiful environment and to be prepared real well for the fierce international competition.

And then there is also the F16 Europeans, which will be held at Lake Como this year. For a whole week around July 21 (our Belgian national holiday) we will be sailing in plenty of sunshine, tasting excellent food and partying with alot of F16 sailors, woehoe!

So in short lots to look forward to and ofcourse we will keep you updated!

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