RBSC Extreme 2009

Wow! Auch!

A perfect summary of my last 3 days of sailing and what the RBSC Extreme is about.

because this race makes you experience sailing in a whole different way,
because we flew the spinnaker in the dark,
because all teams measured 20+ knots on their GPS.

because my hands are not used to 3 (long) days of sailing,
because I feel every muscle I used the last three days (and there a quite a lot),
because sadly enough one team couldn't compete the last day due to a bruised rib.

The concept of the race hasn't changed. You start Friday 12am and 60 waypoints, 27 hours and 282 km's of sailing later you finish Sunday afternoon again on the beach of Duinbergen. In between are 2 nights, great food and fun and a couple of locks to take.

A detailed report will follow when I have some more pictures to show.
Oh yeah, we finished 6th out of 9 boats!

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