GC 2008 - Day 3

Day 3 – WE RACED!!!!

Yes finally we got out on the water and got our hulls wet. The day started early, first race was scheduled to start at 10.30 and before we were invited to have breakfast at the Mumbles Yacht Club. When we got at the club everyone noticed it was still quite windy, but everybody was dying to get out, so we decided to give it a try. Getting out of the bay was very calm and it took us a while to get to the racing area in the middle of the bay. But once we were out hell struck. What a difference. It was very very windy and shifty, so being concentrated was the key.

We managed to get 5 races in today. We however only finished 3 of them. In the 2nd race we flipped the boat during a gybe and Gill’s bungee cord snapped. So we got up and sailed back to shore to replace the bungee. We missed 2 races that way.

Final results for us: a 2, a 4 and another 4. So quit happy with this. Too bad we have two 14’s as DNF. Tomorrow we should be able to get another 4 races in and then we can drop 2 of our worst scores, probably these DNF I would guess.

It was a very exciting race. We had 4 of the same boats battling for first places (John Pierce, Hans Klok, Geert and Joanna and Gill and I). It was an equal battle between two 1-ups and two 2-ups so the boxrule works :-)

Heavy weather and lots of flipping boats in the beginning but no real damage, but the Viper is the worst of. They flipped and broke their diamond spreader. No replacement so unfortunately no more racing for Chris Sproat tomorrow. We wish him all the luck on this week’s Spitfire European Championship.

We are happy tired sailors and of to the AGM now.

Kathleen & Gill

Sorry Hans... :-)

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Anonymous said...

Kathleen- great report. Thanks for keeping us updated. Hope you have some good sailing tomorrow.