It's been a while...

We haven't been sailing much recently. Or there was too much wind, or too much rain or no wind at all. So not the conditions we expected for the beginning of June.
We are hoping the summer will start soon.

This weekend we have a new race scheduled. It's called "the gambler's long distance route". We don't know yet what this race will bring. But we will have to guess how long we will sail and the ones who have guessed correct will win... Very new kind of race, but should be fun. We'll beach start; I hope that will go ok, it is the first time we will do something like this. Ahh the nerves are already starting to build up :-)

Forecast for tomorrow: 12 knots at 14.00, afterwards declining to 9 knots. Air temp: 16°C and apparently no rain. Let's hope so!

Afterwards we'll get back to you on how the race went, what we had to do and hopefully some funny pictures too!