Eurocat Carnac - Day 1 (01/05/2008)

Today started windy, but it calmed down in the late afternoon. We raced in the C1 class (all boats with rating lower than 107). I think there were about 30 boats in our fleet (correction: it turns out there are 41 participating boats in our class). A lot of Mattia Esse’s, some Tornado’s and 2 FX One’s (don’t know if it’s the Extreme version or not).

We are with 5 F16’s present. John Alani, Hans Klok, Paul Warren and MarkP all sailed one-up. There were 3 races done. We went very fast upwind, but downwind we always lost some places. I think we finished overall in the middle of the fleet.

We raced from 3 o’clock until 7 o’clock, all I want to do know is eat and sleep.

This morning we also had an interview with a journalist from the French sailing magazine “Voile et voiliers”. She went with Gill on the Blade, crewed and steered. After that I got on board and she made a lot of pictures as seen from a Zodiac. So we will have some very nice pictures of us sailing. We sailed together with a Spitfire for this shoot. They were also a mixed team. The Spitfires are well presented here, and they have their own start on the same rounds as us. The F18 class is the largest class here. They are divided in 4 groups and are moving between groups.

Tomorrow we have the long distance raid scheduled. This is a very long (100 km) run and I am still doubting if I’ll go or not. It will depend on the conditions tomorrow and the social pressure, I guess. I hear it’s a beautiful run, with lovely scenery. After that we have Saturday and Sunday left for racing, but predictions are there will be less and less wind.