In March we will be in Florida for 2 weeks. Really looking forward to that! We will even get the chance to go sailing. Yay!

We will particpate in the Gulfport F16/A-class Invitationals. Not sure yet on which boat, but probably a Taipan or Blade F16. There will be a lot of other US F16 sailors so it will be really fun and interesting.

I hope to learn alot from the other female crew sailors, like Gina and Joanna. From what I've heard and read on the Catsailor forum these women are really good at what they do and have plenty of experience. So always nice to learn something from them.

In the first week of our trip we will be in the Orlando/Cape Canaveral area. The second week will bring us from Tampa trough Naples, via the Everglades, to Miami. Let's hope for some nice warm and breezy weather.