We're published !

In this months Voiles magazine (French sailing magazine) there is a report on the Blade F16. Ours!

I hope we still receive some pictures to show you! If you can't wait, check out the magazine!


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Scott said...

Nice. We've got all the current F16's in our Fleet in Singapore including the Taipan, Blade and Viper. In fact we have 50% of the worlds Viper production in our club!
Within the next 2 weeks we'll be putting a Blade Hybrid on the water i.e. Blade hulls, Viper beams, Viper rudders, Viper mainsail... this will address the normal Blade issue of a lack of stiffness!
But we still don't expect it to be as fast as the Viper... will let you know.




Enjoy the Blade.