Race report Zwin Race July 21

This should have been a great report on a great race.
Because: this really is one of the best races in our nearby club (RBSC Duinbergen).

More info: the race takes the boats to the nature reserve "Het Zwin" (one of the last areas of completely untouched nature at the Belgian coast. The sandy plain is flooded every day by the sea and forms a mudflat with typical salt-loving vegetation. This lets you see particular vegetation and numerous species of birds) were we lunch on the beach (grill or oriental food) and then head back to finish before the club of Duinbergen.

This isn't a great report on a great race.
Because: the wind was blowing like crazy on Monday.

More info: when we woke up it was 5BFT. When we arrived at the beach at 9.30AM, it was already blowing 6BFT and the sea really looked rough, with lots of waves, and a breaker surf. I was starting to feel very nervous and was loosing my appetite to go out. We headed to the briefing were we immediately heard the race was canceled. The predictions were for 7BFT later that afternoon. So no chance of going out at all. Too bad. Now we had to go back home and work on our renovation project...

For those interested, follow this link for some more info on "Het Zwin". And some images to introduce you to "Het Zwin".

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