Youth weekend Catclub Zeeland

Last weekend we joined the VVW Heist Youth team on their trip to Catclub Zeeland for the Dutch Dragoon Cup. Located at the Veerse Meer we were happy to coach the youth sailors a bit.

We also took our Falcon and Emile took his Blade so we took the 2 F16's out for a sail on the Veerse Meer. Gill has been talking alot about how cool it is to sail here, so I had to try this. I don't think it's really my thing, I was stressed knowing that there are alot of undepths and that we therefore risked of hitting the sand with our daggerboards.

On Sunday we went out again and I got used a bit to the location and was more at ease. We had a great weekend, only downside was the weather. It rained all weekend. But the great hospitality of Catclub Zeeland and the great group of people made it a wonderful weekend!

More pictures from us sailing at the Veerse Meer will follow!

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