Another F16 model hits the water!

Built/designed by Matt McDonald, producer of the US Blade F16, the new Falcon F16 is still a wave piercer like the Blade and shares many similarities.

The Falcon takes the design evolution a few steps further, a more refined hull shape with additional volume, free board and styling highlight some of the changes made to the design.

The goal of the designer was to create a platform that had equal or better upwind performance to that of the already proven very fast Blade, yet is more stable and easier to push in strong and gusty downwind conditions.

Based on the boats first sail, those goals have been met and Falcon Marine looks forward to continuing to dial in the rig and prove how fast an F16 can be.

This design is the 7th production F16 design on the market giving the class another boost. And we really like this new design! :-)

Check out the website here. European Dealer for the Falcon is Hans from Catamaranparts Holland.

Here are some pictures of the new Falcon. We can't wait to see one on European waters!

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