GC 2008 - Day 4 – exciting and close racing

Tuesday and we got 4 races done today. After yesterday’s 5 races, we managed to get a nice total of 9 races. And all those races had a variety of weather. On Monday we got lots of wind, wavey see and grey weather. Today we got sun, rain, hail, no wind, lots of wind, Southerly winds and Northerly winds. What a day!

We scored a 3, 3, 3 and 2. This gets us on 3rd place overall. We are very happy with this result. Especially with the weather we had today, we did good in both heavy and light winds. And we managed to stay upright all trough the 4 races. Even when the hail storm hit us, just after we finished the 3rd race.
Today’s racing was very close. In the first race with force 4 (gusts to 5)the three 2-up boats got the lead. Finally Paul and Ann Warren finished first after a day of non-sailing for them.

During the other three races the entire field stayed very close together and we swopped places the entire race.

This year’s event is over and we had a great time, if only the weather could cooperate a bit more next time. Next GC should be in Florida, in October or November 2009. If we can make it there, I hope no heavy tropical storms hit Gulfport at that time :-)

During the event the F16 chairman Hans Klok also announced the steadily growth of the F16 class, with members joining from all over the world. Great news, so we’re confident that also the number of competitors during coming regattas will also steadily increase.

We will post some more pictures of the 2 regatta days once we’re back home!


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