Eurocat Carnac - Day 4 (04/05/2008)

Today we didn’t race, no wind.

We finished 17th out of 41 contestants. Not bad, but we aimed for a top 10 place. So we’ll have to practice some more. Especially flying the kite needs some more training. Not so much for Gill, but for me, because I tend to get scared whenever he’s flying the hull too high with the kite up. I think this is because I have had so many bruises and pain due to stuffing the boat in a wave, while flying the kite. I shouldn’t worry too much, because when we get the hull out of the water, there is way less chance of stuffing it. So the more I do it, the more I – hopefully – will get over this fear…

Hereby a link to the end results. End Results C1

These are not yet totally correct. Hans got 2 DNS (1rst and 3rd race). He protested and they posted his results (19 & 16) but apparently they didn't add them to the end results. So overall he should be 14th we think (and first F16).

There were also 5 Mattia Esses sailing I think and the first overall was a Mattia.

It was fun and a good meeting place for the beginning of the sailing season. It was nice to see the other F16 sailors again! Up to the next event…