EuroCatsCup 2007

Past Saturday we participated in the EuroCatsCup, held at our club, VVW Heist.

This race is a famous race, held every year on the last weekend of August, with around 60 participating boats, from Belgium and Holland. A mix of Nacra Infusion, Hoby Tiger, I20's and some smaller boats (C3 class) like the Hobie 16. We were the only F16 boat and we ended 19th.

EuroCatsCup is a long distance race from the Belgian to the Dutch coast, with start and finish in front of the club VVW Heist. The race starts with a triangle, followed by 2 loops with turning point between Cadzand and Groede.

We were happy with the boat speed but did make some bad tactic decisions. We rounded the A-mark 13th but lost ground on the way back from Groede to Cadzand. There was more wind closer to shore and we stayed in too deep. Lesson learned!

Hereby the link to the final results. Results EuroCats Cup 2007

I hope to be able to post some pictures of this race soon. The photographer was put on a stake in the water between the buoy and the beach and he was on a perfect angle to shoot nice downwind pictures. Since we were so fast with the kite up on Saturday I would love to see some action pics. To be continued...

This was the flyer made for this race.